Fuel Tank
Bulk Grease Vessel

Usages: delivery | storage | dispensing | transportation 



The grease bins are speci‑cally designed for the semi bulk storage, transportation and dispensing of all grades of grease. Based on a reduced footprint, this ensures ective space utilisation when loading into shipping containers and confined areas. The design is based on customer input and field feedback to ensure ease of operation and maximum service life. This feedback has resulted in a unique design that addresses the concerns and problems traditionally encountered with conventional style grease containers.

• Circular design offers greater strength when compared with square designs, allowing the area above the follower
to be pressurised with low-pressure compressed air. The circular design is inherently extremely robust, to ensure
maximum service life in severe operating environments;

• Flexible wiper, scraping product from the walls during decanting to minimise residual and cross contamination

• Air pressure (28-32 kPa) acting on top of the follower assists in the downward movement to minimise void pockets
occurring and to force feed product to the suction side of the pump;

• A combination pressure and vacuum vent is ‑ tted to prevent over pressurisation of the vessel and to allow product
draw o , should air pressure fail or not be available;

• The Pressurised Follower Series are bottom discharge and bottom ‑ ll via a 3” ball valve complete with camlock
adapter and dust cap;

• Materials of construction include carbon steel or stainless steel.



• Minimal residual - The circular design, ­ exible follower and discharge sump con‑guration ensure product residual is
minimised. Traditionally less than 5-10 kg is retained within the sump and discharge pipe;

• Reduced contamination - With air pressure acting on top of the follower, external air borne contaminates (dust, moisture, etc) are excluded from the product;

• Fill / discharge point: 3” ball valve;

• Coupling: 3” camlock adapter and cap;

• External level indicator;

• Vents: pressure 35 kPa, vacuum -3.5kPa;

• Air line ‑ tting: 0.25” BSP(F) socket;

• 4-way fork entry is provided as standard;

• Lifting lugs are optional for top lifting with slings or cables.

 750L, 1450L capacity