Fuel Tank
Transportable Tank

Double Walled, Bulk Transportable Fuel Container



The INTECH XT Series is built within standard 10′ and 20′ ISO Shipping Container formats. With an unrivalled line up of safety and transportation approvals, this product has the ability to offer the ultimate flexibility in bulk fuel deployment.

  • Certified full load lifting eyes and UN approved tank.
  • Tie down points helps safe loading of TANK when stacked.
  • Internal baffles minimize fuel surge during transport.
  • 110% double wall (bunded) fuel tank.
  • Compact weather proof, lockable cabinet for housing manual or electric transfer pumps.
  • Removable feed and return dip pipes that makes it a reliable standby tank.



Bulk fuel delivery, emergency fuel requirements, disaster relief, military. Quick and versatile fuel supply for generators and pumps, etc.

The INTECH XT is stackable 6 high full of fuel; has the option for 4 sets of feed and return connections plus pump feed; has security fuel line access; has an access manway on the top of the tank; has a highly accurate contents gauge.