Self Bunded Trailer

INTECH Self Bunded Low Profile Trailer - Dual Axle





INTECH self bunded trailer is designed and produced according to Australian standards, this innovative self bunded trailer meets the requirements of the Mining, Civil Construction, Hire Industry and General Industrial Markets.


Features Include:

  • Generous 1500L and 2000L safe fill Capacity.
  • True self bunded, tank in tank design. 
  • The tank is fully baffled to ensure liquid stability when towing the Self Bunded Trailer.
  • Our chassis is independent / separate to the main tank module.  The tank module can be removed for maintenance over a period of time.  The design includes dual axle configuration, fully hot dip galvanised frame, new tyres and rims, heavy duty axle system, LED Lighting. 
  • Low profile, aerodynamic style.  Low centre of gravity.
  • Gas strut lockable lid for access to tank fueling area. 
  • 2x1inch suction points for connection of support / anciliary equipment, fuel industry standard anti static fill tube
  • We provide foot valves on the 2 x suction points to ensure that you retain a prime on the suction line of the stationary equipment,
  • Spare tyre and tyre mounting cradle
  • Optional 12V Hi-Flow Diesel Pump, 10M Reel, Meter Filtration & Automatic Nozzle 
  • Heavy Duty design suitable for on and offroad use.