Special Container
Modification container

At Intech, a container is not just a module that has four sides, base and a roof - it is considered as a frame and what can be added to that frame depends on the application.



With an engineering department who specialise in the structural aspects of container safety, Intech is well positioned to create innovative designs. This unique ability coupled with our willingness to adapt current designs, allows your container to be transformed into nearly anything.
Out services and capability:
1. Custom container modifications
2. In-house engineers and design team
3. Years of experience
4. Commitments to a safe and convenient solution



  • Container modification specialists
  • Customised designs to meet your specific needs
  • Dedicated engineering & production team

1. Industrial kitchen
2. Mobile activity centre
3. Mobile bar and lounge
4. Mobile workshop
5. Sanctuary shelter
6. Switch room
7. Traveling camper
8. Water treatment unit