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INTECH has full range of fuel storage tanks

INTECH has a complete range of fuel storage tanks that can be satisfied your diffenrent situations. We also have complete turnkey fuel storage and dispensing system can be fitted to your tanks delivered directly to site.

INTECH tanks including ITS series, ITP series, ITT series, Cube series. ITS series is our klassic tanks of our earliest design for mining, retail, transportation equipment refueling. ITP series is the upgraded model of ITS series tank including bigger safe fill capacity and undernearth visible. ITT series tank are the best solution design for fuel dispensing and generator set fueling at the same time, it also has bigger pump room for pump installation.

INTECH has a full range of fuel dispensing options available including pumps, bowsers, meters and fuel management systems ... for all product, flow rates and applications.

INTECH supply standard or customized pumping packages depending on your application, power source and required flow rate.

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